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Sexual Harassment or Discrimination


At Cornish & Dell’Olio, P.C., we know that sexual harassment is a problem that many women continue to be confronted with in the workplace, and we can often represent victims of serious sexual harassment on a contingent fee basis.

Sexual harassment is serious if there is unwelcome touching, a physical assault or if the conduct is so offensive that it is making you emotionally upset at work or after work.  Do not quit your job because of sexual harassment before you have consulted with an employment lawyer.

If you are experiencing sexual harassment from a coworker or a supervisor you should try to take steps to stop the harassment, including telling the harasser to stop, and reporting the sexual harassment by written letter or email to your company’s Human Resources Department or upper management.  If you are experiencing serious sexual harassment from a supervisor or manager, or if you have suffered a loss of pay or benefits as the result of discrimination or sexual harassment by a supervisor, the lawyers at Cornish & Dell’Olio, P.C. are available to help you.  If the harassment continues after you complain, or if you are subjected to any other adverse actions after you complain, we are available to help you at Cornish & Dell’Olio, P.C.

Cornish & Dell’Olio, P.C. has successfully settled many claims for sexual harassment on a confidential basis without filing lawsuits. Examples are given below.

Case No. 1. Our clients, long time employees of Albertsons, were verbally harassed by a store manager, who referred to one as a “b—-“. Each was awarded $100,000.00 by a federal jury.

Case No. 2. Our client, a dental hygienist, was kissed by her employer, a dentist, without her consent. A confidential settlement of $50,000.00 was achieved.

Case No. 3.  Our clients, three employees of a private security firm were verbally harassed by a supervisor. A confidential settlement of $60,000.00 was achieved.

Case No. 4.  Our client, a receptionist for a prominent Colorado Springs business, was subjected to a variety of offensive and inappropriate personal questions about her sexual preferences, her sexual experiences, and her sex life by the business owner.  The business owner also showed her pornography and asked her for sexual favors.  A confidential settlement of $50,000 was achieved.

Case No. 5.  Our client worked as a manager for a National Governing Body of an Olympic sport.  The interim executive director regularly directed sexually offensive language at our client and other female employees.  Our client complained about the interim executive director’s language, and a confidential settlement of $15,000 was achieved.

Nick v. INTECON, LLC.  Our client was hired to work for a small defense contractor in Colorado Springs.  She was tasked to travel to an industry conference with INTECON’s owner and it’s CEO.  When they all arrived at the airport, the company’s owner began making unwelcome comments and remarks about our client’s appearance.  These unwelcome and harassing gender-based comments continued throughout the duration of the conference.  Upon her return from the conference, our client complained to the company’s human resources representative and also to the CEO.  Within three weeks of her complaints, our client’s employment was terminated.  She then filed a Complaint in federal court alleging . . . .