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Race Discrimination


Cornish & Dell’Olio, P.C. is able to accept serious cases of race discrimination on a contingent fee basis.  Each case is evaluated at the initial consultation to determine whether a statute has been violated and whether the client has suffered significant harm.

Recent race discrimination cases, which have been litigated by Cornish & Dell’Olio, P.C. are described below.

Click on the cases listed below to read court documents describing the claims.

Pollard v. Wells Fargo Bank, NA, Our client, an African American woman, worked for a national bank for 24 years. She had a stellar record as a bank manager. Despite her consistently high performance our client began receiving written discipline from a new district manager . . .

McCargo v. Texas Roadhouse, Inc. Our client, an African American man, accepted a job at a Texas Roadhouse restaurant in Colorado Springs. Shortly after he began working there he was insulted by coworker who used the word “N—-“   and harassed him. After a coworker tried to set his clothing on fire he called the police. He then called Cornish & Dell’Olio, P.C. . . .

Rajab v. Dale Spradley Motors, Inc.d/b/a Spradley Imports, Inc. Our client, a Syrian
gentleman, was a hard working and effective General Manager of a popular car dealership.

An assistant manager harassed him by referring to him as bin Laden’s “uncle” and posting a fake business card with bin Laden’s picture in his work area . . .

Butler v. Fountain-Fort Carson School District School District 8.  Ms. Butler was employed by the District as a CNA caring for elementary students with disabilities; she was the only full time African-American employee at working in the elementary school.  During the course of her employment, Ms. Butler’s supervisor made a number of racially motivated harassing comments to Ms. Butler, including stating her belief that all African-Americans are poor, and that she was surprised—because of Ms. Butler’s race—that she had a nice car and nice clothes.  Throughout her employment, Ms. Butler was treated worse than her non-African-American coworkers, and subjected to retaliation when she complained about discriminatory treatment.  After her employment was terminated, Ms. Butler filed an action in U.S. District Court alleging  . . . .

Mickens v. Department of Corrections.  Ms. Mickens worked as a Sergeant at Department of Corrections prison.  She was one of two black female corrections officers employed in the prison.  One of Ms. Mickens’s supervisors subjected her to a number of acts which she considered  in good faith to be motivated by racial animus.  After Ms. Mickens complained to the warden and the Inspector General’s office about her perception that she had been subjected to race discrimination, an investigation was conducted.  The warden believed that the investigation did not substantiate Ms. Mickens’s claims of discrimination, and he disciplined Ms. Mickens for making a false report of discrimination.  Ms. Mickens appealed the warden’s decision to the State Personnel Board, which reversed his action as being arbitrary and capricious, and in violation of State and Federal law prohibiting retaliation against employees who make complaints of discrimination.  Read more . . . .

Mendoza v. Atlas Concrete, Inc. Our client, an Hispanic man, worked for a construction company in Colorado Springs. When he was referred to as a “S___” he hired Cornish and Dell’Olio….