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How We Work


New clients telephone or email our office to schedule an appointment with a lawyer. We charge a reduced hourly fee of $200.00 for the initial evaluation consultation. The fee is for an appointment with an employment lawyer lasting for up to one hour. The new client should bring to the appointment all documents related to their employment conditions or termination. For example, any proposed separation agreements, disciplinary actions (Write ups), final paychecks, personnel policies, handbooks etc.

At the conclusion of the appointment we will usually be able to advise the client as to whether any law has been violated and whether we can accept their case.

In those cases that we can accept on a contingent fee basis we will provide the client with a proposed fee agreement at the end of the consultation.

In cases where the client will be required to pay hourly fees we will provide an estimate of approximately how many hours it will take to perform the requested work.

At Cornish and Dell’Olio, P.C.  we combine extensive experience and skill with a small firm environment. We strive to treat our clients the way we would want our family members treated if they needed legal services. We use our best efforts to provide our clients with honest, pragmatic, and professional representation in every case.  Our staff truly cares about what is in the client’s best interests.

Our lawyers work together, constantly exchanging information and knowledge of the law to provide the best representation possible to our clients.

Clients, and only clients, make the important decisions to settle cases or litigate their cases. We advise our clients on these important decisions based on the facts in their cases, the current law and based on years of experience handling employment cases.